Sunday, January 18, 2009


BREAKING NEWS: We are interrupting our regularly scheduled food blog to discuss the inauguration.

OK … I know that this is a food blog but I have to quickly share a few photos. I arrived in Washington DC yesterday and this city is in full swing. This little nobody is awed at all of the somebodies that are gathering here for a historic event. This morning I got up and went for an early walk (a bit chilly for this Florida boy). Here’s what the capitol building looks like 2 days before the inauguration.

Here are the contents of the inaugural invitation packet.

Oh and if you ask, “How did he get a ticket?” The answer is simple. I asked my congressman and he was giving special consideration to veterans (I am one). I am in the standing room only section which is about as far back as you can get and still be in the “invitation only” area, so it’s not that austere.

Still… I’m quite excited.

More updates to follow and we’ll be returning to our regularly scheduled blog shortly.

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