Monday, October 6, 2008

Dining Impotence- How Sad

A typical meal this week

It was bound to happen. Call it dining impotence. In the 7 months I have been writing this blog I have succeeded in either dining somewhere blogworthy or cooking something to talk about. Eventually that streak, like all streaks, was bound to run out. And it has. Here you can see an exciting meal I enjoyed this week.

I didn’t have a bad week, just a really busy one. I visited Houston, Texas where they are still recovering from Hurricane Ike. A drive through downtown reveals many plywood covered office windows and every person I spoke with had a story. There were still a few people without power as well. There were still plenty of places to get out and see but I left work late every day I just had no energy to go out and about. So I ordered Pizza one night got some Thai take out another (and not particularly good Thai) and had a Jack in the Box super fat calorie burger with extra lard last night. This morning I boarded my plane bound for Tampa and I simply have to get back on the culinary wagon this weekend. For you loyal “Louis Loves Food” readers (both of you), I promise to get on track.

With no fanfare, I will mention a place I enjoy in Houston called Pappadeaux. It’s a chain restaurant found mostly in Texas and a few adjoining states. The theme is Cajun and the décor is cheesy at best but the food is consistently good. I did enjoy a lunch there one day and that was my exciting meal of the week. If you are planning a trip to Houston (or even through Houston since Houston Intercontinental Airport has a Pappadeaux) and a decent Cajun meal is on your mind, this is a good place. Their Gumbo is actually pretty authentic and the shrimp are big and meaty. I feel qualified to judge after living in Louisiana for several years.

Also, my #1 favorite chain restaurant in the country has an outlet in Houston but alas I was unable to go. I highly recommend a visit to Fogo de Chão if you get the chance. It’s a Brazilian Barbeque restaurant where these gaucho dudes cut high end meats from a skewer right to your plate. My mouth waters at the thought. I’ve been to ones in Chicago, Washington DC, Atlanta and Houston and have been thrilled every time.

I know of other more seasoned food bloggers who build up a little writing “bank”, if you will, that they use for the rainy day. That way, if they have dining impotence like me, they have a little repertoire to rely on. I must think ahead and do that. I am very sorry to disappoint that is all I have.

Update: I had a short weekend that involved no evening at home. We had a little catered dinner for Lisa’s birthday Friday, Saturday Olivia and I did Disney on Ice and now Sunday, I’m back on the road. I have some dinner plans this week that will hopefully satiate the food hungry reader.


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