Friday, April 25, 2008

Retraction!!!! Rob's Pumpkin Roll was homemade

Victim Rob dressed as "Nemo"

Dear me, I made a grand mistake. I referenced that Rob’s Pumpkin Roll was store bought. It was not. He made it from scratch. It’s his fault though. I asked him how he made it and he was quite evasive. As it turned out there was some inside joke going on between him and Tina but my assumption was that he’d bought it.

Rob's fantastic Pumpkin Roll

Well after posting my writing from yesterday, I was informed by Tina that it was home made. Now in my mind, my comments could be taken as a compliment. Haven’t you ever had a cake from the bakery that you thought, “Wow this is fantastic!!! I wish I could recreate this at home.” That’s kinda what I thought. Seriously. So hat’s off to Rob and the Pumpkin roll. I especially enjoyed the filling and I’m glad I had it. Perhaps he’ll share the recipe and I’ll post it here.

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